This can be your favorite Star Wars scene re-enacted with cereal props, or how you think your favorite character would behave in a cereal world. Just use the eligible characters and cereals then we'll randomly pick written submissions to turn into scenes. Or, you can create your own video and submit it here for a chance to be featured on Cereal Wars.

  1. Out of cereal? No problem when Yoda is around!

  2. Who’s the father around here anyway?

  3. Who is unwise to lower their defenses? Darth or Yoda? #StarWars #CerealWars #DarthVader #breakfast #cereal

  4. How many times does Darth Vader have to tell you?

  5. Onto us, she is.

  6. The Force is with the Lucky Charms

  7. Darth is not impressed.

  8. Who is the father around here anyways?

  9. The Battle on Ice Planet Hoth … re-imagined on Planet Golden Grahams.